Chalak Mitra Group
18900 Dallas Pkwy #125, Dallas, TX 75287

At our core, we are a group of loyal friends united by our values and strengthened by our expertise and professional diversity. We are firm believers that great things are accomplished through strong partnerships, hard work, and continuously learning as we grow. We are passionate about maintaining the integrity that these principles have fostered in us since the beginning. We are Chalak Mitra Group of Companies.

I Open Innovations
550 S Watters Rd, Ste 239, Allen, TX 75013
214 856 0266

I Open Innovations is a group of professionals inspired by what technology can do. We use this to help businesses realize their next level in operational efficiency, facility savings and market positioning. What if your facility could talk to you. Let you know when there is a problem. Or just turn off the lights when the last person leaves for the day. Today’s technology is making this possible. We are driving this technology to the next level. From the traditional market into digital transformation.

Sava Holdings Ltd.
2311 Texas Dr., Suite 105, Irving Texas 75062

Sava Holdings, Ltd. is a boutique hotel development company in Texas with 745 rooms currently under management in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and another 427 under construction. The main focus of the company is diversity in investment to include acquisition, design, development, construction & management of hospitality projects. We provide our investors with a wide range of investment opportunities with detailed analysis and cash flow projections.