Cost Savings

I Open Innovations
550 S Watters Rd, Ste 239, Allen, TX 75013
214 856 0266

I Open Innovations is a group of professionals inspired by what technology can do. We use this to help businesses realize their next level in operational efficiency, facility savings and market positioning. What if your facility could talk to you. Let you know when there is a problem. Or just turn off the lights when the last person leaves for the day. Today’s technology is making this possible. We are driving this technology to the next level. From the traditional market into digital transformation.

Lawson Travel Inc.
1140 Empire Central Dr., Suite 260, Dallas, TX 75247

Since our beginning in 1997 in Dallas, Texas, Lawson Travel, has partnered with our amazing clients to develop creative, exciting and economical domestic and international excursions.  We have the ability, expertise, competence and instinct to take you securely wherever you need to go – and back.