Apto LLC
41 Peabody St.
Nashville, TN 37210
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Apto is a web and app based social learning marketplace, headquartered in Nashville, TN. We help humans to relate to anyone and adapt anywhere. We do this by connecting users with the local content, connections, resources, and services they will need based on their destination, goals, interested, and the stage of their journey-whether interacting virtually, traveling or relocating.

1445 North Perry Rd, Carrollton, TX 75006

Public School District

The Workforce and Advancement division serves as the primary connection to external partners for all of Dallas College. There are four areas of Workforce & Advancement: Advancement and Development, Career Connected Learning, Economic Opportunity, and Innovation & Business Strategy.  

3700 Ross Avenue, Box 76, Dallas, TX 75204

Dedication runs strong throughout the Dallas Independent School District with more than 19,000 employees working toward realizing our vision of becoming the best urban district in the United States. To truly impact the lives of students and govern our day-to-day actions, the Dallas Board of Trustees adopted its core beliefs and Principles of Public Service for the district to follow. These principles and beliefs serve as a guidepost to everything we do.

Humanist Academy
4441 W. Airport Fwy, Suite#100, Irving, TX 75062

The Humanist Academy is a revolutionary non-profit, micro-school inspired and affiliated with Acton Academy. There are no traditional classrooms, teachers, grades, or tests. Instead, our young Heroes engage in self-paced and project-based learning fueled by their own curiosity and intrinsic desire to grow. Montessori materials and principles are at our foundation. Socratic guidance replaces traditional teaching, community exhibitions replace grades, and multi-aged sacred studios replace traditional classrooms. The goal is for every individual who enters our doors to become better human beings, foster human values, find a calling and change the world. We cultivate the Human Spirit!

Inside The Diverse Mind
8600 Freeport Pkwy, STE 300, Irving TX-75063.

We are outrightly a training and a coaching company helping people evolve and manifest their full potential. We help people develop their speaking on Tedx platforms. Our vision at Inside the Diverse Mind, is to show how one can empower oneself and shape one’s success to become the individual they always wanted to be. Our Coaches at Inside the Diverse MIND are certified and trained experts in coaching adults and kids on Inclusive Leadership, Mental programming, and Public Speaking. We offer one on one and group coaching sessions to help and offer all the tools one will ever need to be successful at anything one desires in life.

Richland College
12800 Abrams Road, Dallas TX 75243

Richland College is a community college that is part of the Dallas County Community College District and is located in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas, Texas near the border with Richardson and Garland. The school was founded in 1972 and is the largest school in the DCCCD, featuring about 20,000 students. Located on the old Jackson farm, the campus comprises 155 acres and has preserved the rural beauty with a brook flowing through the campus.

1515 Commerce St

Texas A&M University School of Law is located in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Since integrating with Texas A&M in 2013, the law school has sustained a remarkable upward trajectory — by dramatically increasing entering class credentials and graduate success metrics, improving U.S. News and World Report rankings, hiring more than 30 new faculty members, and adding 10 clinics and six global field study destinations. In the past several years, the school has greatly expanded its academic programs to serve the needs of non-lawyer professionals in a variety of highly regulated industries, as well as building international partnerships with institutions and organizations in India.

The Jonsson School at UT Dallas
800 W. Campbell Rd. EC32

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800 W. Campbell Rd., Richardson, TX 75080

The Jindal School of Management is large enough to offer many attractive degree plans but small enough to serve each constituent with the highest level of service and satisfaction. We don’t believe there is a “one size fits all” to today’s management challenges. Therefore, the Career Management Center works hard to build professional development programs that match each individual student. Our goal is to ensure students emerge as strong candidates for JSOM corporate partners. For our employers, we strive to provide the most efficient access to highly qualified students insuring that each employer identifies, recruits, and hires the most attractive candidates for their internships and full-time positions.