Women’s Conference

The US India Chamber of Commerce hosts an Annual Women’s Conference to provide professional and entrepreneurial women with a platform to be inspired, connect, and grow. The Chamber’s Women’s Conference which was inaugurated in 2017 was a natural development from the initial iteration of a women’s platform called the “Women’s Business Council” which was hosted by a few forward-thinking, female board members of the Chamber in the early-2000s.

Each year, the Chamber invites high-powered women leaders from various backgrounds and industries to inspire greatness and share their path to success at Annual Women’s Conference. To learn more about the next Annual Women’s Conference or to learn more about the speakers, click below.

“CAN I SAY WOW?!!! What an excellent Women’s event. I was impressed by the speakers and the delivery of their message. I felt empowered and left there with my head held high.“

– Bridget Moon, Economic Development Specialist, U.S. Small Business Administration

In 2017, the Chamber first Annual Women’s Conference was a sold-out event with 150 women representing more than 90 organizations. The Chamber welcomed top-notch women-leaders to that first conference and continues to welcome C-Suite executives, entrepreneurs, and women who have shattered glass ceilings in every industry to share their unique journey with the women of Dallas.  Every subsequent conference continues to be a must-attend event for women professionals and entrepreneurs in North Texas.